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Multiple Modes

AI Singing offers multiple modes to help you create music easily. Whether you want to generate music from lyrics, create an instrumental track, or explore different music styles, AI Singing has you covered. Here are some of the key features of AI Singing:

Song Description Mode

Song Description Mode allows you to describe the style of music and topic you want, such as 'acoustic pop about the holidays'. Use genres and vibes instead of specific artists and songs to get the best results.

Song Description Mode - AI Singing
Custom Mode - AI Singing

Custom Mode

Custom mode supports using lyric and styles to customize songs and generate music. You can enter your own lyrics or use AI-generated lyrics to create unique songs.


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How do I create an AI-generated singing voice?

AI Singing is a free tool that allows you to generate music by using an AI-powered singing voice generator. Simply enter your lyrics, click "Generate," and our tool will convert your lyrics into a melodious song.

Is there an AI that can sing my lyrics?

Yes, using AI singing you will quickly convert lyrics into music.

How can I turn lyrics into a song using AI?

Visit the AI Singing website, input your lyrics into the designated field, and click "Generate." You'll instantly receive a song that matches your lyrics.

How can I make a song using AI?

To create a song with AI, use AI Singing. This free AI singing voice generator allows you to transform lyrics into music simply by entering the lyrics and clicking "Generate." Your song will be ready in no time.

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