Free Suno AI Music Generator

Suno is an AI music generator that can help you quickly create music.


Describe the style of music and topic you want ( e.g. 'acoustic pop about the hoildays'). Use genres and vibes instead of specific artsts and songs

Create a song without lyrics.

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What is Suno AI?

Suno AI is an AI-powered music composition tool designed to help users effortlessly create music of various styles. It uses advanced deep learning technology to generate songs with high-quality audio output and stereo effects.

What genres and lyrics generation does Suno AI support, and how does it automatically generate songs based on these parameters?

Suno AI supports multiple music genres and lyrics generation. Users can choose different types, styles, and moods for their compositions based on their needs. Specifically, the music genres supported by Suno AI include Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Dance, Afro-Cuban, and Dance Pop among others. Additionally, users can input their own lyrics and set the music to various genre styles.

What are the features of Suno AI?

1. Powerful generation capabilities: Suno AI can generate high-quality, diverse music snippets in a short time.

2. Ease of use: The interface is simple and intuitive, easy to use even for those without musical theory knowledge.

3. Innovative: Combines artificial intelligence with music composition, pioneering a new chapter in music generation.

4. Realistic multilingual voice generation: Capable of producing highly realistic multilingual vocals.

5. Supports various music styles: Such as pop, rock, electronic music, etc., allowing users to generate songs based on specified styles and lyrics.

6. Text-prompt-based music generation: Users can guide the AI in music creation by writing prompts, including music style and lyrics.

7. Suitable for different scenarios: Can be used not only for generating music but also for creating AI video soundtracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Suno AI?

You can fill in your lyrics, music style, song description, etc., in the form on the left side of AI Singing, and then click the 'Generate Music' button. AI Singing will generate Suno AI music based on your input.

How to view the generated Suno AI music?

After generating music, you can play your music in the music player on the right side of AI Singing. You can also view detailed information about the generated music.

How to share the generated Suno AI music?

You can choose whether to publicly display your music. If you opt to showcase it, other users will be able to view your music on the AI Singing website.

How to save the generated Suno AI music?

You can click the download button on AI Singing to save the generated music to your device for playback at any time.