Free Udio AI Music Generator

Udio is an AI music generator that helps you quickly create music.


Describe the music style and theme you want (e.g., 'acoustic pop about holidays'). Use genres and moods instead of specific artists and songs.

Create a song without lyrics.

The generated music will be displayed publicly.

What is Udio AI?

Udio AI is an AI music generation tool developed by former Google DeepMind team members. It aims to help users create music in various styles through text prompts. Users can specify themes, genres, and other descriptors to create music based on simple text prompts and convert it into professionally-produced tracks.

What are the differences between Udio AI and Suno AI?

Udio AI and Suno AI are both AI music generators, but their design goals and functionalities differ slightly. Suno AI is primarily used for music generation, while Udio AI focuses on generating music based on text prompts. Udio AI also offers more customization options, allowing users to specify music styles, themes, and other descriptors to create more personalized music pieces. Additionally, Udio AI supports a wider range of music genres and styles, including pop, rock, electronic music, etc.

What unique features or services does Udio offer in the music creation and sharing platform?

1. Scalability: Users can specify the intro and outro of the music and extend it forward and backward to create longer music pieces.

2. Music Discovery: Support for sharing and discovering new music pieces.

3. Music Creation Upload: Creators can upload their own music works and share them with others.

4. Music Social Interaction: Interact and engage with other music enthusiasts.

5. Multilingual Vocal Creation: Supports various language vocals including J-pop, Russian dream pop, reggae music, and Bollywood music.

6. Text-to-Music Conversion: Generate music based on user-inputted text prompts.

7. Powerful Customization Capabilities: Strong customization capabilities allowing users to generate up to 1200 songs per month.

8. Music Creation Tool for Everyone: Aimed not only at professional musicians but also at enabling non-musicians to easily participate in music creation.

9. Free Use with Premium Paid Services: Offers free use while also providing premium paid services for more music creation and interactive functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Udio AI?

You can fill in the form on the left side of AI Singing with your lyrics, music style, song description, etc., then click 'Generate Music' button. AI Singing will generate Udio AI music based on your input.

How to view the generated Udio AI music?

After generating music, you can play your music in the music player on the right side of AI Singing. You can also view detailed information about the generated music.

How to share the generated Udio AI music?

You can choose whether to publicly display your music. If you choose to display it publicly, other users can view your music on the AI Singing website.

How to save the generated Udio AI music?

You can click the download button on AI Singing to save the generated music to your device for playback anytime.